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The OLD Model — 20% Readmission

You have a 1 in 5 five chance of going back in the hospital with just Medicare paid home health care (PT, OT, ST, RN).

A Better Model:

Your chances of staying out of the hospital improve if you use you Medicare paid home health + non-medical home care. But…

The BEST Model — 1.5% Readmission!!

At no additional cost over non-medical home care, you improve your chances of staying out of the hospital exponentially by getting a full circle of care, and only paying for the care you need. How does 360 do it? We are experts at keeping you safe at home. Our Home Health Care license (same license as a VNA) allows us to cover complex medical nursing care, while leaving PT, OT & ST to the Medicare provider. On top of that we cover all non-medical home care. One phone call = safe at home forever. (603) 801-1936