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Compassionate Post-Hospitalization Care by Expert Caregivers in Bedford, New Hampshire

Expert Caregivers in Bedford Supporting Your Recovery After Hospital Discharge

Our Post-Hospitalization Care service at 360 SHS offers comprehensive support to individuals recovering after a hospital stay. This service focuses on ensuring a smooth and safe transition from hospital to home, which is crucial for effective recovery. Our trained caregivers in Bedford assist with daily activities, medication management, and coordination with healthcare professionals to ensure continuity of care.

This service is especially valuable as it reduces the likelihood of readmission by addressing potential complications early. It also helps clients regain independence at a comfortable pace. By choosing 360 SHS, clients receive personalized care plans that cater specifically to their health needs, helping them to recover with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Dedicated 24/7 support tailored to individual recovery needs.
  • Comprehensive care planning, ensuring a smooth transition home.
  • Highly trained caregivers in Bedford specialized in post-hospital care.
Expert Caregivers in Bedford Supporting Your Recovery After Hospital Discharge
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    Our office staff is available to talk 24/7!

    360 SHS’s wonderful office staff is available 24/7 to take your calls. They have been trained to have the answers to the questions that are often facing people who are recently discharged from the hospital. The office staff’s goal is to find solutions for you, whether that is our home care services or other services that would be beneficial to your situation.


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    It’s Free! Over-the-phone Or In-person

    After inquiring all of the information over the phone we will book a time to have one of our team members meet with you, in your home, at the hospital or over the phone. During this time our team members will analyze your situation to be able to create the best plan for you and your family moving forward. On top of that, they will get to know you in order to hand pick the best caregiver for you and your family.

  • Home Care Services Bedford


    With a readmission rate of 1.5% we are the experts!

    It has been proven that our system works best at keeping people home and safe. If you are discharged from the hospital you have a 23% likelihood of being readmitted in the first 30 days. With a readmission rate of 1.5% it is clear that our system at 360 SHS is the most effective way at keeping people home, happy, and safe.

Post Hospital Care Bedford


Our Complete Range of Senior Home Care Services:

  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia care
  • Personal Care
  • Nursing Care LNA-RN
  • Stroke, Diabetes, COPD, Hypertension, CHF
  • Medication Management
  • Post Hospital Care
  • Meal Preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Companionship
  • Shopping
  • Doctor Visits & Errands
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Overnight stays (24-hour care)
  • Long-distance check-ins
  • Respite care
Home Care Services Bedford

360 SHS is a complete circle of senior home care. Everything necessary to remain at home forever. Dementia care, nursing home care, assisted living care at home, companionship, housekeeping, transportation, meal preparation, personal care, medication administration, insulin care, wound care, stroke care and end of life care.


Choosing 360 SHS for Post-Hospitalization Care offers numerous benefits. Our service ensures personalized care tailored to each client's specific recovery needs, promoting faster healing and reducing the risk of hospital readmission. Clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that our caregivers in Bedford are highly trained and dedicated to their recovery. Additionally, we offer flexible care schedules and continuous communication with healthcare professionals, enhancing the overall effectiveness of care. Lastly, our 24/7 availability provides essential support whenever it’s needed, making the recovery process as smooth as possible.

360 SHS understands that the period following hospital discharge is critical for recovery, and managing this transition effectively is crucial for preventing complications and ensuring a smooth recovery. Our Post-Hospitalization Care service is specifically designed to address the concerns and needs of clients during this vulnerable time.

We tailor our care plans to each individual's specific health requirements, ensuring that all aspects of their medical and personal needs are covered. This includes medication management, assistance with mobility, personal hygiene, and nutritional support, which are vital for preventing complications and fostering recovery. Additionally, we recognize the importance of emotional support and mental well-being in recovery. Our caregivers in Bedford are not only trained in physical care but also in providing compassionate companionship, helping to alleviate feelings of isolation or anxiety that patients might experience post-hospitalization.

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Choose 360 for A Complete Circle Of Care

Safety | Security | Well Being | Peace of Mind

When being discharged from the hospital there are a lot of decisions to be made. One decision that is easy to make is choosing 360 SHS to stay safe after you are discharged. Our Secure Discharge Program has proven to be the most effective way of keeping people home safe and out of the hospital. The national readmission rate for older adults is 23.5% percent which is staggering, especially when compared to 360’s readmission rate of 1.5% it is even more so. Take one more decision off your plate and choose 360 SHS to stay safe at home.

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Complex Nursing Care (RN's) - Skilled Nursing Assistant Care (LNA's) - Personal Care (PCA's) - Non-Medical Home Care (Homemakers & Companionship)


Caregivers New Hampshire

360 SHS is a family owned, licensed senior home health care company. With over 200 senior care providers, we are proud to be a leader in senior care home care services in New Hampshire and Southern Maine. Our elder services specialists provide in-home care, elder care, respite care, senior personal care including showering and bathing, nursing services, elderly care and companion care services. With our senior home care services, elderly adults can continue to live independently–where seniors want to live–in their own home.

360 Senior Home Services is an exceptional program of care. It is refreshingly unique, providing our clients with a complete circle of care. We hire warm hearted men and women who truly want to help, and we match them with seniors who are looking for assistance. The strength and compassion that is born out of these relationships shows us that connections are important through all phases of life. The respect, understanding and assistance in these relationships are two-way.

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360 SHS hires caregivers of all ages, but if you are interested in a mature caregiver our Seniors Helping Seniors roots means we know what you want, and we are ready to serve your needs.

Our senior caregivers go through a thorough process of vetting and training. We look for just the right heart in every potential caregiver–if they don’t meet our standards, we don’t hire them. Once we find someone with the right heart, we get to know their personality, interests and skills; then, their strengths are highlighted in our database. All this, before we even start the lengthy training process!

When we are privileged to be invited to your home to visit with you, we get to know you personally, too. We want to find just the right fit for your personality and your needs. If we don’t have someone who matches your personality and needs, we will work with you to determine your best plan moving forward. We want what is best for you, not what is best for us. Our blessing is in helping others.

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The OLD Model — 20% Readmission

You have a 1 in 5 five chance of going back in the hospital with just Medicare paid home health care (PT, OT, ST, RN).

A Better Model:

Your chances of staying out of the hospital improve if you use you Medicare paid home health + non-medical home care. But…

The BEST Model — 1.5% Readmission!!

At no additional cost over non-medical home care, you improve your chances of staying out of the hospital exponentially by getting a full circle of care, and only paying for the care you need. How does 360 do it? We are experts at keeping you safe at home. Our Home Health Care license (same license as a VNA) allows us to cover complex medical nursing care, while leaving PT, OT & ST to the Medicare provider. On top of that we cover all non-medical home care. One phone call = safe at home forever. (603) 801-1936

Services offered by 360 SHS: Post Hospital Care | Help in Community | Help At Home

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Caregivers in Bedford, New Hampshire

Reaching out to 360 SHS is the first step towards a tailored and effective post-hospitalization recovery. Our expertise ensures that every care plan is crafted with precision, directly addressing your specific health needs and maximizing the benefits of professional in-home care for a smoother recovery.

Serving clients across Bedford, Manchester, Nashua, Londonderry, Exeter, Concord, Portsmouth, and the surrounding areas.

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