360 SHS is a family-owned home care company that puts an emphasis on ensuring that people can live their entire life where they want, in their home. It is our mission to be there with you and your family through every life change, whether it be full medication management and administration, meal preparation, or even just extra socialization. Here at 360, we are proud to say that even when finances become difficult later in life we will work with you and are the only private pay home care company in the state to take Medicaid as payment, to ensure that you will have assistance for the entirety of your life no matter what.

It is clear more and more people want to live and pass in their home but for many people, it can feel like there are no options. This is how, owner of 360, Judy Loubier felt when her own mother was faced with the same situation that so many others are.

Judy Loubier is the owner and Executive Director of 360 SHS and has been in business for 9 years. She was a practicing Physical Therapist for 33 years when her mother suddenly had a stroke and her family was faced with many difficult decisions as so many families are. This was when Judy realized there has to be an easier way so she started Seniors Helping Seniors for the New Hampshire area. SHS had a focus on caregiver and client relationships and was the foundation of the company you see today. Eventually, Judy realized that companionship is just one piece to the puzzle and in order to keep people home and safe for their entire lives SHS must Evolve. This is when 360 SHS was born. Judy created the first home care company in the state to be home health licensed allowing 360 to provide medication management and administration. She also vastly increased training for her caregivers. Lastly, she became the only private pay HomeCare owner in New Hampshire to take Medicaid as payment, ensure that all clients have the ability to stay in their homes for their entire life. This created a full circle of care for all of our clients for their entire lives. Judy is now an Alzheimer’s Association Advocate and Co-Founder of WISE (Women In Support of Elders) and Co-Author of amazon’s best-seller “Why We Care”. She does talks all around the state to educate people on the ever-changing and complicated world of aging adults. Through this process, she has had the support and counsel of her husband Randy Loubier.

Randy Loubier is the Director of Operations for 360 SHS and with all the heart that Judy brings to 360, it is equally matched with Randy’s business acumen. With over 40 years of business experience ranging from Senior Vice President at Atomic skis and snowboards to the top Yo-Yo seller in the state of Maine at the age of 16, there is no one better to ensure that the heart of 360 can touch as many people as possible. Randy knew that 360 needed a way to reach health care communities around the state and so they reached out to Judy’s son Mitchell.

Mitchell Ilacqua is the Director of Community Relations at 360 SHS. As the son of the owner and extensive sales experience, Mitchell is perfectly equipped to convey the heart and message of 360 to health care communities all around the state.

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