Top Five Things To Look For In An In-Home Senior/Assisted Living Facility

Top Five Things To Look For In An In-Home Senior/Assisted Living Facility

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There will be a point in time when you and your family call in for external medical support for the senior members of your family. However, when looking at different medical care options, you will need to find one that allows them to feel safe and comfortable, as well as independent. Availing of an in-home care service can be the key to a better quality of life.

While you might have plenty of choices and control over which care and support provider you should hire, as experts in the field, we at 360 SHS have written down the top five things to look for in an in-home senior/assisted living facility.

1. Experience
The best in-home senior care professionals will have personal and professional experience to draw from. Staff should be technically knowledgeable and compassionate caregivers who are genuinely motivated to care for the elderly. In addition to adequate numbers of staff for the resident population, be sure to ask about staff experience and training.

2. Commitment
Next, it is time to check on what the assisted living facility has for its services. Some of these services have details to ensure that the person that needs care will benefit from them. These services might include assessments, administering of medication, and feedings. If you’re unsure, check and see what the facility has available and work from there. A good facility will demonstrate a commitment to quality of care through the organizations they participate/volunteer with.

3. Availability
Confirm that whichever moving company you choose is available based on your requirements. You don’t want to get to the late stages of the transition and find that all the company’s caregivers are not available on the day you need them. A good assisted living facility will be available as a resource to problem solve in an efficient manner.

4. Network of experts
Every senior will have their own limitations of what they can or can’t do. While many don’t require complete care, they still might need assistance with certain things, like chores or medical care. A good facility will have a network of experts that they can refer to as part of a team of services.

5. Focus on quality of life
A good assisted living facility will recognize that the client is at the center of care and that services and support will be individualized and focus on wellness and quality of life. At the end of the day, your decision is going to be driven by if they have your loved one’s best interest at heart. People are the most vital asset. If possible, observe one-on-one interactions between staff and residents to assess staff compassion, friendliness, and patience.

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